ABOUT duro paint

Ability’s ‘Next Generation’ duro paint™ Range differs to normal paints, offering colourful, high build, SUPER durable, inorganic, mineral coatings in STIPPLE, MATTE and LOW SHEEN finishes. All are100%,all acrylic polymer modified and reinforced,cement-like,exceptionally long-life, fire retardant, water-resistant and most wear resistant surface coatings currently on the market.

All offer outstanding, long life features with a 20 year Guarantee*

(*conditions apply).

* We provide a Guarantee of 20 years against flaking, lifting and peeling when duro paint™ is mixed and applied as recommended to a vertical surface to Ability’s Applicator Booklet specifications, which are included with every pack duro paint™.

duro paint ™ offers:

SUPER Durability and performance

Safe Clean Air application and Extremely LOW VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Fine appearance available in a Range of 12 colours but can be matched to ANY colour (Price on Application)

Free of odours and toxic fumes

Convenient water clean up

Proven abrasion and wear resistance

Hard but flexible film integrity

duro paint ™ is resistant to and protects against:

Exterior exposure and weathering

UV Radiation and marine environment

Oxidation and chemical resistance

Cracking, lifting and flaking

Fresh, Sea and Chlorinated water

Persons slipping and vehicles skidding

Wind generated Bush and Heath Fires

Rusting and Corrosion of Iron and Steel

Car type pull-off and lack of adhesion

Guaranteed for 20 years*

Environmentally Safe Products

Ability Building Chemicals Co. has developed duro paint™ for versatile, safe for the environment exterior / interior paints and protective surface coating products which are available in a range of decorative UV resistant colours and are ‘pedestal’ examples of ‘Clean Air’ technology.

These include duro paint™ STIPPLE, MATTE and
LOW SHEEN paints.

These surface coatings contain NO SOLVENTS, LOW VOCS (volatile organic compounds), are easy to apply, have no odour, are extremely weather and traffic wear resistant and offer durability for decades.