duro paint Low Sheen

Ultra-smooth, low sheen finish. Clean air, virtually VOC free, coloured, vitreaous enamel-like paint with an attractive.

Product overview:

duro paint™ Low Sheen long-life paint’s patented virtually VOC free formulation combines outstanding durability, long-term performance and flexibility, with an attractive, low-slip,low-skid, wear-resistant finish.

Supplied in ready-to-mix with water, white or coloured powder form, duro paint™ Low Sheen is one of several of Ability’s water-based, two-pack but one step preparation, polymer-modified, inorganic geo-friendly such as the famous the Paint and duro paint™ Matte paint products, that are UV-resistant, weather-resistant, watertight, and resist attack by highly damaging salt and sulphate solution ingress.

Specifically developed for ‘medium build’ applications over smooth prepared surfaces or as a very smooth finishing coat over other freshly applied Ability long life paints, duro paint™ Low Sheen also acts as an effective fire retardant for a number of substrates that are likely to catch fire easily - including wood and plastic materials.

Easy and safe to use, duro paint™ Low Sheen is virtually free of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and does not emit harmful 'greenhouse' gases. It is available in a range of standard colours, or as a custom project colour-matched product.

Use on:

duro paint™ Low Sheen high-performance paint is applied just like normal paint and is suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces including walls, floors, decks,steps, ramps and pavements.

It can be applied to almost any type of stable, firm, sound and clean surface, including:

Concrete (including recently placed, highly alkaline,high pH concrete)

Mortar (including rendered/plastered wall surfaces and floor/wall fairing and levelling mortars)

Fibre cement panels and planking

Asphalt and bitumen emulsion sprayed pavement surfaces

Previously painted surfaces in sound, firm condition that have been suitably finely abraded with say wet and dry abrasive paper to assist adhesion.


New wood, that has been primed with a good quality wood primer

Properly prepared, de-rusted, newly installed iron, steel that has been suitably primed with a good quality anti-corrosive primer for ferrous metals and a range of other suitably prepared metal surfaces.


Developed with a focus on durability, environmentally sustainable development (ESD) principles and long-term performance, duro paint™ Low Sheen delivers a range of benefits, including:

Patent No: PCT/AU01/00377

100% solids formulation for maximum film build at the recommended coverage rate to deliver outstanding performance and value

Watertight formulation provides protection against water permeation and corrosive sulphate and chloride salt solution ingress

Allows a structure in air to ‘breathe’ as it transmits water vapour

Combines exceptionally high UV, oxidation, weathering and chemical resistance, with excellent abrasion and wear resistance

Highly protective civil engineering coating that helps both iron and steel to resist rusting

Combines film hardness, flexibility and excellent adhesion with very low shrinkage, thereby reducing the risk of the applied product cracking, lifting or flaking

Unequivocally assists in preventing mould and mildew development Clean Air, virtually VOC free, Coloured, Vitreous Enamel-Like Paint with an attractive, ultra-smooth, low sheen duro paint™ Low Sheen finish

Easy-to-use and apply with normal paint application equipment

Free of chemical solvents and their odours

Can be used over a variety of textured paints and application methods to provide various architectural and/or decorative effects

Can be colour matched to almost any opaque (non-translucent) colour to suit specific project requirements and to rectify off-colour precast concrete panels

Extremely durable

High fire retardancy.

Usage and application:

Supplied as ready-to-use, 100% solids powder, duro paint™ Low Sheen should be thoroughly mixed (using a power mixer) into the specified quantity of clean, potable water (drinking water) which is the reactant, about 30 minutes prior to application.

duro paint™ Low Sheen should be applied fairly liberally and uniformly to the prepared surface, which should be clean, sound and smooth. Porous, semi-porous and/or absorbent surfaces should be lightly but uniformly dampened prior to application. duro paint™ Low Sheen can be applied using most standard painting / application methods including brush, roller, sponge and/or spray (using suitable equipment).

Once mixed using the recommended rates and mixing procedure, duro paint™ Low Sheen has a useable 'pot' life of approximately 5 hours at 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Each applied coat or layer becomes 'touch-dry' in around 90 -120 minutes at that temperature and humidity.

The product’s early water resistance may be increased by mixing with warm water (23°- 30°C) and/or by intermittent water spray curing 2-4 hours after the final coat is ‘touch’ dry. For maximum performance, the finished painted surface should be gently hosed intermittently with clean tap water to assist with curing and hardening. It is recommended that this water spray curing technique be carried out several times (preferably 6 times) intermittently over the 1-2 days following the application of the final coat, ie. 6 x 10 minute hosings.

Dosage rates:

Recommended mixing proportions for duro paint™ Low Sheen are 2 parts duro paint™ Low Sheen 10kgs of powder thoroughly mixed with 8.5 litres of clean water.


duro paint™ Low Sheen is suitable for use on most clean, prepared and stable vertical and horizontal substrates - particularly those indicated. For surfaces that have been previously coated and/or treated with other products, please contact Ability for further information.


duro paint™ Low Sheen is supplied in 10kg pails.


The recommended coverage rate for the application of prepared liquid duro paint™ Low Sheen is 30m2/litre with a minimum of two coats or layers recommended to be applied.


For maximum shelf-life, duro paint™ Low Sheen should be stored in its original container, out of direct sunlight, in appropriate, dry, low humidity average temperature conditions. When kept dry and stored under lowhumidity and not excessively high temperature conditions in its original unopened container, duro paint™ Low Sheen has a storage shelf life in excess of 24 months.


duro paint™ Low Sheen is a non-hazardous, non-flammable, nonexplosive substance and is classed as a non-dangerous good, however, it is recommended that the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and precautions are followed when handling and using the product:

• Wear full overalls, gloves safety goggles and a face dust mask during mixing and use
• Avoid skin and eye contact
• Always wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking or using the toilet.

For further Health and Safety information, please refer to the: duro paint™ Low Sheen Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Or contact us to request further printed information or for a free sample of duro paint™ Low Sheen in a preferred colour.


Environmentally Safe Products

Ability Building Chemicals Co. has developed duro paint™ for versatile, safe for the environment exterior / interior paints and protective surface coating products which are available in a range of decorative UV resistant colours and are ‘pedestal’ examples of ‘Clean Air’ technology.

These include duro paint™ STIPPLE, MATTE and
LOW SHEEN paints.

These surface coatings contain NO SOLVENTS, LOW VOCS (volatile organic compounds), are easy to apply, have no odour, are extremely weather and traffic wear resistant and offer durability for decades.